About Us

GSS specializes in multiple areas of security, and has provided specialized service to permanent and temporary clients from many different industries such as: public service centers, high-tech manufacturing, banks, shopping centers, property management firms, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, malls & multiplexes and high end jewelry centers all over Gujarat.

A highly trained staff with experience and knowledge gained at national level enterprises, GSS considers prudence as the top priority.

About Us

Alert, Attentive, Agile

In the last few decades the issues of safety and security have taken a large space in our minds and lives. We live in a globalised world where we have all become connected and as a result the consequences affect all of us. Today security measures are a vital source of safety.


Gujarat Security Services (GSS) is a leading private security agency, providing services of the highest quality. We at GSS believe in securing & protecting the integrity, culture, physical and intellectual properties of our valued clientele, & contribute towards the business permanence of our clients, based on mutual agreement & trust.


The staff of GSS is a balanced mix of civilians & retired military personnel. The company believes in recruiting employees with youthfulness & agility and bringing in the skills of ex-service men and retired military personnel as per the needs & requirements of the clients. They are experts in their field and also have a broad experience.

All the staff members are team players, friendly, customer oriented, hospitable, well versed with local as well as national language.


GSS has gathered a broad experience in supporting & providing the highest quality security services to private and government organizations.